AX Group Annual Report

Jun 30, 2022

AX Group has published its 2021 Annual Report. The report shines a light on the Group’s strides, challenges, and accomplishments as experienced across our care, construction, development, real estate and hospitality business units during all of last year.

“Through the vital services we provide within our care units, the exceptional guest experiences we create in our hotels, and the projects of vision and quality we launch through our development and construction arms, 2021 has seen us overcome the challenges to deliver excellence on all fronts. I couldn’t be prouder of the entire Group for pulling together to leave a positive impact on the industries and communities we serve.” Mr Angelo Xuereb, Chairman.

While 2021 continued to be dominated by the pandemic, the Group has proved agile enough to learn from the lessons of the previous year. Our willingness to meet the ongoing situation with determination, integrity and creativity has ensured we were better prepared for the challenges we faced. The last year has also seen AX Group confidently move ahead with several major projects, including a brand new office concept in Merchants Street Valletta, the extension of the Suncrest Hotel in Qawra, and the much-anticipated Verdala redevelopment in Rabat. These landmark projects, together with other significant plans in the pipeline, are set to shape the future of the business and bolster the Group’s resilience and growth going forward.

“The past year has continued to prove that AX Group’s success ultimately rests on the vision, talent, and dedication of our people. On behalf of the Xuereb family, our board of directors, and all of management, I would like to thank all of our diverse teams who have come together to help colleagues, clients, and the business wherever possible. It is this strong spirit of teamwork and solidarity that fills me with confidence that we are well-placed to face 2022 with a sense of renewed strength and purpose.” Mr Michael Warrington, CEO.

You are all invited to read the AX Group 2021 Annual Report.