AX Group Publishes 2022 Annual Report

Feb 28, 2023

AX Group is pleased to announce the publication of its 2022 Annual Report. As a group with diversified operations across development, construction, real estate, healthcare, hospitality, and renewable energy sectors, we are proud to highlight the significant strides we have made in these industries over the past year. After two years of operations heavily impacted by the pandemic, 2022 marked a resolute return to business as usual for AX Group. We remained dedicated to our mission of driving growth and delivering superior returns to our stakeholders. We  have  been  able  to  shape  the  future  of  the  Group, leveraging our expertise and experience to evolve and grow from strength to strength.


This year’s report takes on a special theme, celebrating the performance of our diverse stable  of  well-established  brands,  which  we  have  consolidated  and strengthened over the past few years. By aligning our brands with our core values and  strategic  vision,  we  have  ensured  that they  remain  dynamic  to  meet  the ever-changing demands of today’s clients. In this light, we are pleased to present a brand book within the Annual Report publication, which showcases a series of core brand communication messages.


In addition, the AX Group Annual Report 2022 dedicated microsite provides users with an abridged version of  the  AX  Group  2022  performance  and  includes  other audio-visual material and financial infographics. Visit: