AX Group Joins Forces with Reputable Businesses to Form the Malta ESG Alliance

Jun 30, 2022

AX Group is joining forces with other Maltese reputable business leaders so as to collaborate in the Malta ESG Alliance with the first aim being that of putting forward a climate change initiative

AX Group is one of thirteen reputable business organisations which have come together to announce the launch of a new alliance called Malta ESG Alliance (MESGA) – a private sector initiative to tackle local environmental, social and governance priorities.

Denise Xuereb, Director of AX Construction and AX Development at AX group & CEO of AX Real Estate, was present for the joint press conference held today 20th July featuring all the Founding Members’ CEOs and top representatives. The Alliance members are being supported by Perit David Xuereb and consultancy firm EY Malta.

The Founding Members aim to attract other committed members from all economic sectors to join such an Alliance, by acting as credible leaders and acting on sustainable matters first-hand. The Malta ESG Alliance explained how the first ESG theme chosen for company projects was that of climate change and decarbonisation.

Along with the other decarbonisation projects of the other Alliance members, the private sector is taking steps to contribute to a more sustainable and less carbon-intensive future Malta.

At AX Group we are conscious of our ecological responsibilities and we strive to minimise our negative environmental externalities as much as possible. We do this both in terms of the developments we build as well as through our own internal practices. We are constantly on the look-out for opportunities to improve on energy efficiency, reduce waste, carbon and greenhouse gas emissions and ultimately reduce our environmental footprint. We also remain committed to broaden our sustainability practices, through the investment and research in new solutions for our developments and operations.